July August   2008

 Visite me on Girly Paradise

 Smileys for you

Good holidays !!!

June   2008

 Cross Stitch Apple

  Animed Signatures

May   2008

 Animed Avatar

  Animed Signatures

April   2008

 Cross Stich Teddy Bear

  Animed Signatures

March   2008

 Happy Easter

  Animed Signatures Easter

February   2008

 Happy Valentine Day

  Animed Signatures Valentine Day

January   2008

Cross stitch in "home sweet home"

  Animed Signatures

December  2007

All for Christmas

  Animed Signatures for Christmas

November  2007

CrossStitch with Confucius

  Animed Signatures

October  2007

Happy Halloween

  Animed Signatures for Halloween

September 2007

Cross Stitch for Flanelle my kitten

  Animed Signatures

August 2007

Good Holidays

  Animed Signatures

July 2007

Independance Day

  Animed Signatures

June 2007

 Cross Stitch tender

  Animed Signatures "Happy Mother Day"

May 2007

Presidential election 2007

  Animed Signatures Angel

April 2007

Rose Thé in Cross Stitch

 for Easter

  Animed Signatures for Easter

March 2007

 St Patrick cross stitch

Blinkies for Cross Stitch

  Animed Signatures "Good Luck"

February 2007

Happy Valentine Day

  Animed Signatures Special Valentine Day

January   2007

Happy New Year

    While waiting for your valiant knight ...

  Animed Signatures

December 2006

Sorry for my unintentional absence !

Happy ChristMas

  Animed Christmas Signatures

April 2006

Cross stitch against Sida

 Play an Easter game

    Animed Signatures Special Easter

March 2006

 Cross Stitch Angels

  Animed Signatures

January 2006

Happy New Year 2006 !!!

Numbers Cross Stitch for

a New Year

   Animed Signatures

End of November 2005

 Ecards "Noël" for Christmas

 Play for Christmas

  Animed Christmas Signatures

End of October 2005

 Ecards "Regrets" for ours Dead Persons

and "Noir et Blanc"

Cross Stitching  Un Chemin de Petites Croix ,

a stations of the Cross .

 Patterns for the "Téléthon 2005"

End of September 2005

 Ecards for Halloween

  All for HALLOWEEN!!!

   Halloween Game

    Animed Halloween Signatures

End of August 2005

 Cross Stitch for School Day

   Animed Signatures

July-August 2005

Happy Holidays !!!

   Tour de France 2005

   Animed Signatures

End of May 2005

Celtic patterns for Cross Stitch

   Animed Signatures


End of April 2005

 When Cat is not here...Stitching !!!

 Cross Stitch about the Frogs

 Play at  Frogitaire

End of March 2005

  Welcome to Paradise  Dollz

 Cross Stitch : April Fish Alphabet

   Animed Signatures

End of February 2005

  Happy Easter

  Welcome in my Castle of Free Games

    Animed Signatures Special Easter

End of January 2005

 Happy Valentine Day

  Animed Signatures Special Valentine Day


End of December 2004 :

A very Nice New Year !!!

 Cross Stitch in a "Home Sweet Home"

   Animed Signatures

End of November 2004

Happy Christmas for All

   Christmas Menu

  Animed Signatures special Christmas

End of October 2004

For Cross Stitching !!!

   An Alphabet from Merlin

   Autum Trees

 I love Camping

  For the Peace

  End of September 2004

  All for HALLOWEEN!!!

End of August 2004:

   Kite with patterns, cursors,

 papers, globes, puzzles, animations,

  Animed Tags

 Le Crytex. Play with my french texts

about cross stitch

  Cross Stitch some Smileys

  Patterns for Olympic Games






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